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Brighty of the Grand Canyon
by Marguerite Henry. 1953 (many current reprints). New York Scholastic. Youth fiction. Brighty, a shaggy little burro, braves the rough terrain of the original trails through the Grand Canyon.
by Roger Duvoisin. 1940, 1968. Parent's Magazine Press, New Youk. Children's book. Donkey-Donkey learns to be confident with the way he looks.
History of American Jacks and Mules
by Frank C. Mills and Helen L. Hall. 1971, 1982. Hutch-line, Inc., Hutchinson, Kansas. In depth history (back to 1888) of jacks, mules, breeders, sellers and buyers; neat photos and illustrations.
The Mule Alternative: The Saddle Mule in the American West
by Michael P. Stamm. 1992. Medicine Wolf Press. Testimony from Explorers, Mountain Men, Traders, Soldiers, Settlers, and Gold Rushers of the Nineteenth Century.
Mules, Jackasses and Other Misconceptions
by James A. Burkhart & Eugene F. Schmidtlein. 1995. Stephens College, Columbia, MO. The history and role of the mule in American life and development.
The Natural Superiority of Mules
by John Hauer. 2006. 152 pgs, hardcover. Lots of great mule info + photos
Shavetail Sam: U.S. Army Mule
by Helen Orr Watson. 1944. Houghton Mifflin, Boston. Youth fiction - WWII, historical novel.
Shavetails and Bell Sharps: The History of the U.S. Army Mule
by Emmett M. Essin. 1997. University of Nebraska Press. History of the mule in U.S. Army operations - 125 years to 1956.
Training Mules and Donkeys, a Logical Approach to Longears
by Meredith Hodges. 1993. Alpine Publications, Loveland, CO