Wisconsin Donkey & Mule Society

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American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS)
American Council of Spotted Asses, Inc. (ACSA)
American Donkey Association (ADA)
American Gaited Mule Association (AGMA)
American Mammoth Jackstock Registry (AMJR)
American Miniature Mule Society (AMMS)
American Mule Association (AMA)
American Mule Racing Association (AMRA)
California Donkey & Mule Association
Canadian Donkey & Mule Association (CDMA)
International Pattern Sport Horse Registry (IPSHR)
New registry for all Appaloosa patterned horses & mules (that carry the Lp & Patn genes)
Iowa Donkey & Mule Society (IDMS)
Midstates Mule & Donkey Show Society (MMDSS)
Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky & Michigan
Minnesota Donkey & Mule Club (MDMC)
Missouri Mule & Donkey Circuit (MMDC)
National Miniature Donkey Association (NMDA)
North American Saddle Mule Association (NASMA)
Rio Grande Mule & Donkey Association - New Mexico
Wisconsin State Horse Council
WDMS is a long-standing member of WSHC