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The Mule: A History
by Theodore H. Savory
Scientific American Offprint, Dec. 1970
An extensive & fascinating history
So You Want To Buy A Mule...
For Sale: She Rides, Drives & Packs
by Steve Edwards
Versatility of Mules
North American Saddle Mule Association (NASMA)
Why Mules?
Why choose a mule over a horse? (on the Rural Heritage site)


Jackstock - Fathers of All Mules
North American Saddle Mule Association (NASMA)
Nice descriptions & photos of donkey breeds and characteristics
Versatility of Donkeys
North American Saddle Mule Association (NASMA)
About the Miniature Donkey
National Miniature Donkey Association
General info, care & history of mini donkeys (the smallest)
Old Time Photos of Donkeys
Historical photos of donkeys and their uses